Dinner Party for the Attention​-​Starved

by Charm Offensive

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debut six-song ep.


released February 10, 2013

Vocal- Chris La
Guitar - Matt
Guitar - Chris K
Bass - Manwell
Drums - Brian



all rights reserved


Charm Offensive Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Pep Talk for an Ass-Kicking
I lost my shit and found myself.
Sick of doubting my mental health.
Beginning to live like the end times.
And I'm so sorry I apologized
for thinking, for seeing, for reading
The writing on the wall... Erase it all.
I learned my fucking lesson...
And now I press on...

Calling out my doubts.
My self esteem is on the line. Keep my chin up doing fine.
Question all my thoughts.
My self worth is feeling cheap and in your dreams, I'm asleep.

Self-fullfilling prophecies. Come to expect whats coming to me.
So I'll smash my crystal ball. Ignore what I foresaw.
Yeah, here's to my misfortune and all the hopes that lie within...
My visions of tomorrow take root in today...

Tie a ribbon round my finger...
Then cross two behind my back...
Kid myself over and over...
Trust not. On the attack.
This is my cross to bear and I will aim through the crosshairs.
Easy target. Take my shot.
Mark my words. No truce is sought.
Images rattle inside my head...
Shaken up... Nauseous again.
This is the present... That I know...
And I think it's time I let it all go...
Track Name: One Man Leper Colony
Thanks for the stink eye.
I'll smell you later.
Being the lesser has never felt greater.
Locked inside myself. Outcast in my hometown.
I set at all up to knock myself down.

MAKE ME A MONSTER - One man leper colony.
ITS NO BOTHER - Spare yourself the agony
KEEP MY DISTANCE - One man Leper colony
DENY MY EXISTANCE - kidding yourself and kidding me

Hide and seek. All by my lonesome.
Tide of fate drowns me. Beneath the doldrums.
Can't come out to play. Kept inside all day.
Jail me. Throw away the key and let me decay.

So here's a bad joke.
That I will laugh off.
Gonna go for broke.
And let the crowd scoff
And if I bomb,
well, I'll still have a blast.
Let me be the first to feel free at last
For better or for worse, free at last.
Each day I live the curse, free at last.
Track Name: Brass Knuckle Handjob
Your libido. Its in limbo.
Broken hearts, well...here they come
Beaten down. Stroke my ego.
Coming clean about being scum.

Feeling numb. Acting dumb.
I got the whole world in the palm of my hand...
And yknow what? The world is full of dicks.

So fuck yourself to closure.
A decent attempt at indecent exposure
You'll be a mess and I'll love to watch
Feeling alone. Feeling your crotch.

Lay your head on the chopping block.
Sweet dreams, sweetheart.
This is pillowtalk.
Im so sorry. Come again.
Here's the benefit of being friends
with benefits. So lovesick.
Turncoat turn-offs. Turn off my head.
Holding hands. Holding resentment.
To what do I owe this detriment?
Track Name: the Hills have iPhones
Socialize, but not in person
Screened disguised gotten worse
And my fingers type and my eyes will strain
Information floods my brain
We're generation of stalkers
Who love to complain

And its so complicated.
Status we must prove
No, I dont like it. No, I wont like it.
Facts we have created.
Friends we wont approve
No, I dont like it. No, I wont like it.

Head down. I throw up.
Emoticon artistis who won't grow up.

Communicate. See what clicks.
At any rate, we'll get our fix.
Obsess. Progress? We made this mess.
We'll connect, but can't address.
Now, poke me to see if I'm dead.
Track Name: Two for Tuesdays
This dirty mouth
Won't say a word.
Swallow my pride
Let it go unheard...

My moral compass has gone south.
Thoughts echo inside my mouth.
A heavy heart that weighs me down.
I'll hold my breath until I drown.

Fellow downtrodden, here we rot...
They may have forgotten, but i have not...
It eats at me, but I'll bite my tongue.
Cuz I'm too old to act this young.

Sickening thoughts.
Stomach-churning to knots.
Diving headfirst into a cesspool.
Last call. Bedtime. Take your place in line.
Blacking out the golden rule.
Track Name: Pissing Contest
Raise a glass. Lower your voice.
Two paths diverged. Now, here's a choice.
Party favors flavor girls and boys
Color me impressed with this white noise.

I didn't know this was a costume party...
Should have wore my mask.
Blindfolds will embolden...
Better off not to ask...

Try so hard. It's so cute.
Speak your mind, my dear mute.
Face to facade. A mirror mirage.
Tailor the emperor's new suit.

A dinner party
for the attention starved.
Eating and whining.
Get these turkeys carved.
An appetite that serves no one.
Unsaid, spoonfed til you are done.
Fork in hand, I hesitate...
Unfulfilled by an empty plate...